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How Medical Practices Can Protect Patient Data

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What Doctors Can Do in the Face of Healthcare Mega-Mergers

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Mayo Clinic: Patients Rank Non-Physician Factors Higher than Care in Medical Practice Reviews

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Choosing the Right Long Tail Keywords for Your Medical Practice

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5 Digital Marketing Requirements for Medical Practices in 2018

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How Digital Advertising Helps Medical Marketers Attract More Elderly Patients

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Want More Patients for Your Medical Practice? Success Starts at Reception

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4 Capabilities Every Modern Practice Management Software Must Have

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Switching Your Medical Practice to a Cloud-Based EHR? Here's What You Should Know


Medical Marketer's Guide: Website Design


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Why "Visitors" is a Misleading Metric for Your Hospital Website

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When You Don't Want to Reach The World: How to use SEO to Connect With a Local Audience

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Use Review Sites and Search Queries to Manage Bad Press