Elevating national healthcare practices since 2008

A Unique Medical Approach, Focused on Real Results & Value

For more than 15 years, MD Connect has helped hundreds of leading hospitals, physicians, pharmaceutical companies, medical device companies, and healthcare enterprises drive superior multi-channel marketing results from localized patient outreach. We’re an agency built on experience, backed by data, and with a deep understanding of the patient journey.

Here’s what makes us different:

  • Digital Direct to Patient: We drive superior results by maintaining a laser-like focus on what we do best; multi-channel digital marketing to drive qualified medical patient leads, appointments and procedures at the lowest possible cost.
  • Going Beyond the Lead: Through our Performance Portal™ Patient Tracking System and other technology investments, we provide detailed tracking capabilities for both offline (phone) and online patient contacts, and routinely tracks those activities down to appointment, procedure and full financial return on investment (ROI).
  • Scaled Multi-Practice Solutions wtih Localized Execution: We have extensive experience working with some of the nation’s largest multi-location advertisers (many from 60-300 practices) and leveraging successful strategies across the entire network.
  • Personalized, Priority Client Attention: We have the experience and scale to service larger clients, but still provide our clients the focused attention and service they deserve.
  • Patient Data Privacy: Tracking client results through to downstream results (e.g., appointments) requires access to PHI and Personal Data. MD Connect has evolved regulatory compliance programs to meet the needs of HIPAA/HITECH, CCPA, GDPR, APEC and more.

Our blend of medical marketers and seasoned digital experts have managed digital campaigns in over 30 specialties, driving more than 2 million patient leads. No matter the size of the practice and scale of the project, if you want confidence that your marketing dollars are being put to productive use, we are your agency.


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