Patient Tracking & Analytics

MD Connect’s proprietary lead tracking system is a scalable platform designed to integrate advertising results and expenses while providing a complete overview of your digital marketing efforts, both offline and online.

Offline Patient-Lead Tracking

Call tracking, phone auditing, and lead scoring are some of the most effective methods for understanding the buyer journey to optimize marketing campaigns. Take advantage of our partnership with Invoca, an AI-powered conversation intelligence platform, and start gaining better insight into where calls are coming from — whether it’s a web page, social media, or even a keyword — and how these calls are handled.

Online Patient-Lead Tracking

With MD Connect's Performance Portal™ Lead Tracking system, you can track all your Health System's service line marketing campaigns (print, radio, TV, and digital) through one integrated, secure, web-based portal. Features include:

  • The ability to compare marketing campaigns and identify the strongest-performing programs
  • Integration with CRM data or EMR to get a full-funnel scope of performance
  • Phone auditing and lead scoring services that identify actual booked appointments
  • Integration of your advertising expenses for a complete view of how your ads are performing
  • Real-time reporting and real-time results
  • Phone audit reports to help drive business decisions
  • Access to phone recordings to use for training front desk staff
  • Built-in regulatory & data privacy compliance

In addition, we’re experts at leveraging Google Analytics to measure page performance and present actionable insights. Regardless of channel, platform, and even region, we have key marketing performance metrics to help you make better-informed marketing decisions that maximize your bottom line.


Medical Marketer's Guide: Converting Calls Into Consults

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