MD Connect Joins Forces with BirdEye to Provide Superior Reputation Management Services


MD Connect has partnered with reputation management platform leader BirdEye, giving our clients access to exciting new tools with which to monitor & solicit reviews, build patient loyalty, and boost revenue.

MD Connect is excited to announce our partnership with BirdEye, an all-in-one reputation management platform. BirdEye enables organizations like hospitals, healthcare practices, and medical companies to monitor and manage their listings and reviews on Google, Vitals, ZocDoc, RateMDs, and more.

With online reviews becoming increasingly important across all industries, it’s no longer possible for healthcare providers (HCPs) to drive business through word-of-mouth alone. According to BrightLocal, 92% of consumers read online reviews, and 74% report that positive reviews make them trust a business more. As such, in order to build trust with potential patients, it’s vital for HCPs to feature their positive ratings and reviews prominently on their websites and social media accounts.

Through our partnership with BirdEye, we will empower our clients to take ownership of their virtual reputations. By integrating with over 1,000 apps, CRMs, and PMSs, BirdEye allows medical marketers to:

1. Monitor Reviews

BirdEye enables HCPs to monitor and respond to reviews on a variety of apps and platforms. It also offers social ticketing capabilities, giving HCPs and medical companies the ability to monitor the conversations about their brands that are happening on various social media platforms. This helps practices promptly address negative reviews and comments, ensuring patients feel heard and have their concerns taken seriously. BirdEye also allows medical marketers to integrate review data drawn from multiple sources into actionable reports that can be used to inform future digital marketing strategy.

2. Increase Review Volume

BirdEye uses SMS and/or Facebook Messenger to reach out to patients and incentivize them to leave reviews. By prompting patients with convenient surveys, HCPs can boost engagement and build an active online presence. BirdEye has helped a variety of businesses increase their review volumes — on average, by 315% within eight months — and we're confident they will deliver similarly impressive results for our clients.

3. Expand Search Real Estate

In addition to helping HCPs generate and monitor online reviews, BirdEye uses patient feedback to increase practices’ organic search rankings and paid search click-through rates (CTRs). The platform aggregates all a practice’s reviews in one place so that Google can easily pull and display the star ratings within the advertisement or organic listing. BirdEye also makes it easy to embed reviews and testimonials on a site, and can autopromote positive reviews written on all platforms to Facebook, Twitter, and other social media platforms. By using BirdEye to improve their review visibility, HCPs have the potential to drive a 20-30% boost in CTRs and a 20% reduction in Google Ads cost-per-click in under a year.

Set Your Eye on the Prize

These advanced capabilities have enabled BirdEye to generate rapid results for clients. It has raised businesses’ star ratings — which BrightLocal cites as the number one factor used to judge a brand — by 0.8 stars. Its clients have also seen their Net Promoter Scores — a metric that measures a company’s customer loyalty — climb by an average of one point. These improvements have led to revenue increases of 8% for BirdEye’s clients within six months.

If you’re interested in learning more about MD Connect’s partnership with BirdEye and the benefits it will provide, feel free to get in touch with us today. We’re happy to discuss the platform’s exciting features and walk you through how to make them work for your hospital, healthcare practice, or medical company.

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