3 Tips for Improving Your Medical Practice Email Newsletter

An email newsletter is one of the tried and true methods of physician marketers for staying in touch with patients between doctor visits. Email newsletters help physicians stay relevant over long periods when they may not see a patient in-person. They build credibility, reinforce authority, and provide fodder for sharing and word-of-mouth marketing. These three tips will help you improve your practice email newsletter, creating better value for your patients and for your practice.Medical Practice Marketing, Physician Marketing, Digital Marketing

Tailor Content to Search Terms

Many practices know that they want to have a regular newsletter, but are quickly stumped for content. Search terms and the content of your email newsletter have one thing in common: relevance to your patients. When thinking about content for the newsletter, use the same method that you would for crafting SEO search terms. A recent study found that patients usually search symptom terms near the moment of conversion. Identifying these terms will help you understand what issues are most important to your patients. Content that is relevant to your patients will be more likely to keep them engaged.

Seize Every Opportunity to Build Your List

Whether your patients are in the office, visiting your website, or perusing your social media site, each is an opportunity to ask patients and referring physicians to join your email list. Patients want the valuable information you can provide; however, it is important to reassure anyone you solicit for personal information that it will not be abused in any way. Providing options, such as frequency of delivery and reassuring patients that their information will not be shared, is critical in gaining and maintaining trust. The last thing you want to do is alienate patients by misusing the information they trusted you with.

Consistently Develop Your Brand

If you are just starting an email newsletter, it is important to integrate the newsletter consistently with your other marketing efforts. Too often, practices take a scattered approach to marketing—a polished print ad and an amateurish looking newsletter. Taking a holistic approach to your marketing effort will convey a professional, polished image to patients. Use the same fonts, colors, imagery and voice across all platforms. Representing your brand in a consistent way will make your newsletter more welcome in patients’ inboxes by appearing familiar and consistent. Remember, that your newsletter may be the only communication you have with a patient for years at a time—make sure it depicts the image you want to convey to your patients.

Your newsletter should provide valuable and educational content to your patients while positively portraying your practice. Following these tips will help you create content that is relevant and engaging, build your following, and improve your ultimate return on investment. 


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