Making a Connection: How to Humanize Physician Marketing

What does it mean to humanize your brand? It is a catchphrase that you often hear in the marketing community, and one that is especially prevalent in healthcare. Patients are no longer just the people doctors treat. The modern patient pool is full of healthcare consumers who ask questions, who look for deals and who want that personal connection with their doctor.Physician Marketing, Patient Communication, Social Media, Online Medical Marketing

Despite the old saying, physicians actually get two chances to make a first impression. It starts with effective physician marketing campaigns – ones that reach out and touch healthcare consumers.

Offer Guidance

Marketing expert Krista Kotria points out that providing guidance on websites and through print media exhibits a caring attitude. Use these resources to introduce yourself and your staff to new patients. The takeaway should be one of openness and clarity.

All marketing tools should include:

  • Information about the first appointment – What can a patient expect that first day
  • Treatment specifics if applicable – Physician marketing that covers a specific procedure such as adjustable gastric band surgery should show the patient what it looks like
  • Provide patient testimonials – One or two success stories will offer reassurance
  • Answer common questions – Dispel rumors and reduce fears
  • Introduce the staff – Warm, smiling faces with lots of help to offer

Provide as many facts as possible to show transparency and avoid misunderstandings.

Reach Out to Current Clients

Physician marketing strategies should include established patient relationships, as well. Create a newsletter offering tips for living healthy, covering trending news topics and to keep them informed about what is happening around the office and in the community. Add personal touches like welcoming a new staff member.

Send out postcard reminders of upcoming appointments, annual physicals or to let them know it is time to get their cholesterol or blood sugar checked. Make sure to include links to all the relevant pages such as the practice website and Facebook. Encourage patients connect online to expand your reach.

Stay Social

Social media offers physicians a proactive way to humanize their brand. It is an open form of real time communication that allows doctors and staff to interact with patients. Follow the American Medical Association’s policies for social media that includes information about privacy settings and maintaining boundaries.

Stay active and be informative on social media sites. This will improve Internet presence for the practice. Post several times a day on all pages. You can focus on trending news topics or link to the practice's blog.

Use the pages to promote your partner relationships, as well. For example, link to an affiliated hospital's blog and start a discussion about the information offered. Connect to the community through mainstream social networking sites to help promote unity and show your support.

Be ready to answer all questions, even if all you do is offer to make an appointment.

Humanizing your brand means making it personal. In physician marketing that includes putting a face to the name and opening up the lines of communication with online resources.


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