12 of Our Favorite New (and Old) Hospital Blogs for 2018


Through engaging online content, top-tier hospitals can do more than provide medical care to patients; they can serve as resources for a wider community.

Two years ago, we identified 15 hospitals with engaging, substantive blogs that help position the institutions as leaders within the healthcare field. Since then, even more medical facilities have invested in their online presence with the goal of delivering healthcare guidance, medical tips, and industry overviews to their patients, industry peers, and local communities.

Establishing and maintaining a hospital blog may seem like it should be an afterthought to the greater goal of providing care to patients onsite. But by disseminating professionally vetted content, healthcare facilities can become invaluable resources for people with limited access to care, as well as those interested in preventative medicine. Additionally, hospital blogs that detail their institution’s unique practices and methodologies can help direct patients to the facilities that best suit their needs.

Here are our favorite hospital blogs of 2018 – you’ll notice some old favorites and some new contenders. Hopefully, you’ll be as impressed as we were.

1. University of Utah Health Care: “HealthFeed”

University of Utah Health Care has staked its online claim to expertise on health topics ranging from the timely and lighthearted to the specific and serious. Whether a post is addressing common types of acne and their causes or the ins and outs of glaucoma, “HealthFeed” excels at being a trusted digital resource for patients and nonpatients alike.

2. Altru Medical System

Saying Altru’s blog is comprehensive would be an understatement. From posts covering nutrition and patient stories to substance abuse prevention and joint care, their blog shows a true commitment to providing visitors with the guidance they need to make smart choices, both within a hospital system and outside of it.

3. Children’s Hospitals and Clinics of Minnesota: “The Mighty Blog”

Also known as Children’s Minnesota, the Children’s Hospitals and Clinics of Minnesota aim to keep parents informed when it comes to keeping kids healthy. “The Mighty Blog” knows its audience and speaks to them directly with posts written by previous patients,, updates on national trends from trusted professionals, and overviews of new developments on premises.

4. Emory Healthcare: “Advancing Your Health”

Visitors to Emory Healthcare’s “Advancing Your Health” blog can read through articles written by physicians associated with the network’s multiple speciality centers, such as the Emory Brain Health Center and the Emory Eye Center. Additionally, the blog prominently features navigation tools that can do everything from taking visitors to healthy recipes to connecting them with doctors for scheduled chats.

5. The Brigham and Women's Hospital: "Brigham Health Hub"

With a recently revamped blog, Brigham and Women’s Hospital has created an informative home for physicians to guest write useful content for visitors, whether they’re patients or not. By offering readers the option to subscribe for timely updates, Brigham and Women’s has established an online presence that complements their in-house care.

6. Cooper University Health Care: “Inside Cooper”

As a teaching hospital and biomedical research center, Cooper University Health Care has positioned its blog as a destination for industry professionals and academics to stay updated on current events at the hospital, as well as noteworthy research throughout the healthcare field. With stories highlighting panels on fighting the opioid epidemic and posts that promote the hospital’s community outreach, “Inside Cooper” succeeds because of its substantive tone and newsworthy updates.

7. Carthage Area Hospital

Serving upstate New York, the Carthage Area Hospital has developed an online presence that offers practical guidance for patients and site visitors. Their blog has short, highly readable posts that give users everything they need to know upfront. The hospital also uses the blog to promote events, such as grocery store tours aimed at teaching the community how to shop with nutrition in mind.

8. Craig Hospital

Specializing in care for traumatic brain and spinal cord injuries, Craig Hospital has developed a blog for these patients and their loved ones. Posts that prepare visitors for the road to recovery in addition to detailing Craig’s qualifications for dealing in this medical area make their blog a necessary resource for former, current, and potential patients.

9. Jefferson University Hospitals: “@Jeff”

Philadelphia residents turning to “@Jeff” can find coverage of a wealth of health topics. From DIY granola recipes to Q&A’s with doctors about medical procedures and what patients can expect from them, Jefferson’s blog balances accessibility, daily tips, and more in-depth medical insights.

10. Children’s Hospital Los Angeles

Children’s healthcare can be nerve-wracking for parents and kids alike. To make medical care more approachable, CHLA’s blog champions the stories of previous and current patients, addresses national trends and concerns in children’s healthcare, and features posts introducing the hospital’s physicians to readers.

11. Rothman Institute

Rothman’s blog is a treasure trove of orthopedic information, from tips on avoiding common knee injuries to updates on the goings-on of the Institute’s physicians. Even seemingly complex topics such as cervical spinal surgery are covered in an understandable tone.

12. Overlake Medical Center: “Women’s + Infant’s Blog”

As the name suggests, Overlake’s updated blog is dedicated to mothers and infants. The online hub helps parents understand the ins and outs of getting ready for newborns, from preparing for childbirth to understanding what to expect from postpartum care.

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