Medical Marketing Research Studies & White Papers 

  • Medical Marketer's Guide: Search Engine Optimization

    The right search strategy can help you reach potential patients at every stage of the conversion funnel, generating valuable leads without breaking the bank.

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  • GDPR and Digital Patient Recruitment for Clinical Trials

    As clinical research and patient recruitment practices becomes increasingly digitized, organizations operating within these industries will need to take proactive measures to ensure full compliance

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  • Medical Marketer's Guide: Converting Calls Into Consults

    Without a well-thought out phone strategy, your advertising dollars may be going to waste. The simple, actionable steps laid out in this guide will help ensure you maximize your marketing ROI.

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  • Medical Marketer's Guide: Google Advertising

    Today’s patients are more proactive and empowered than ever before. Increasingly, patients are turning to the internet to conduct their own health-related research and make their own decisions about treatment. And where are they finding that information? Google!

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  • Clinical Trials: Social Media & Clinical Trial Recruitment

    This white paper explores the efficacy of social media advertising, Facebook in particular, as an engine to accelerate clinical trial recruitment.

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  • Clinical Trials: Guerrilla Patient Recruitment

    Clinical trial Sponsors are often caught between a highly decentralized patient recruitment strategy and increasing costs of third-party centralized patient recruitment support. This white paper explores an alternative strategy to achieve enrollment goals. 

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  • Medical Marketer's Guide: Website Conversion Optimization

    At MD Connect, we've worked with thousands of physicians and healthcare professonals in more than 30 different specialities. In that time, we've identified several components of a website that have a major impact on how well your traffic converts into new patient contact.

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  • Clinical Trials: Targeting "Active" Patients Online

    This white paper explores the concept of a patient’s ‘activity’ level when evaluating the quality and efficiency of different digital channels, where initial audience volume is not always the best predictor of enrollment success.

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  • Med Device: Patient Portals vs. Local Microsites

    Medical device marketers pursuing digital direct-to-patient (DTP) or patient advertising must determine both where to send the digital traffic they generate, as well as their desired program outcome (e.g. targeted patient lead generation or general brand awareness).

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  • Clinical Trials: The 5 Advantages to Digital Advertising (e-Recruitment)

    Discover how digital advertising has surpassed traditional media channels when it comes to driving qualified patients into clinical trials and how e-recruitment presents an untapped opportunity to accelerate patient enrollment.

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  • SEO vs. PPC: Empirical Analysis for Online Medical Marketing

    Many healthcare advertisers are aware of search engine marketing and the need to ‘optimize’ their rankings, but fewer are clear on the distinction between (nor the relative cost and power to generate actual referrals of) its two predominant marketing strategies; search engine optimization (SEO) and paid search (PPC) marketing. This empirical analysis explores SEO versus PPC for medical online marketers and presents a valid case to why overly focused SEO efforts yield 70% less actual patient inquiries than a blended campaign.

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  • US Physician Practice Marketing Audit

    This 4-page marketing research study (conducted cooperatively with and published by a leading medical society) contains the results of a detailed online survey of marketing investment and return for 219 physician practices across the United States. Data was assimilated to construct a picture of which media were utilized most by physician practices, what relative return each exhibited (as measured by cost-per-referral) and how these investments correlated with practice revenue. Other data on metro population effects, program tracking techniques and phone coverage benchmarking are included as well.

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  • 8 Steps to Converting a Phone Lead into a Consultation

    MD Connect has audited thousands of phone calls for medical practices, and has seen firsthand the qualities of phone reception that help to drive conversion. Conversion on phone 'referrals' varies from 15% to 70% and the difference is largely due to technique. This best practices guide contains 8 critical requirements to insuring maximum conversion with interested, calling patients.

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  • Case Studies

  • Large Physician Practice

    This case study profiles a large physician practice that is aggressively marketing (spending >$40,000 per month). Detailed data is presented for 17 different marketing expenditures (via TV, radio, print, online and billboard) over an 8 month period in 2011. Client data includes tracking out to revenue dollars for each media investment (and thus clear ROI per media investment).

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  • Leading National Body Sculpting Chain

    One of the largest body contouring (liposuction) centers in the nation (with ten locations in seven states) had MD Connect go head-to-head with another nationally-known online marketing agency in a 'bake-off' for 6 months. See how MD Connect significantly improved referral volume while decreasing costs.

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  • US News Top 10 Hospital

    This case study profiles a multi-year series of campaigns with a top-ranked US hospital. MD Connect worked cooperatively with various hospital constituents (marketing, IT, clinical, administration) to produce immediate results with positive ROI and has since expanded into multiple clinical specialties.

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  • 'Active' Online Campaign Management

    This case study profiles the business impact 'active' online campaign mangement and optimization can have versus a 'set-it-and-forget-it' program. The study was conducted within three specialties across 60+ different practices. 

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  • Cost-Competitive MRI Center

    A local MRI center was looking to leverage their advantages versus a number of larger, local competitors through targeted advertising. They wanted to be sure that whatever money was invested in marketing and advertising had a clear return on investment by driving additional MRI scans.

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  • Clinical Trial Patient Recruitment

    A nationwide (US) clinical trial for a novel chronic pain treatment with investigator sites in 23 locations (from rural areas to large metro centers) was having difficulty efficiently recruiting patients into their study.

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  • Mid-West Dental Practice

    A leading mid-west dental practice with over 10 locations had been using a local digital marketing agency, with limited healthcare experience, to manage their digital advertising programs.Unhappy with the results the local agency was producing, the dental practice chose to trial MD Connect as their digital agency after an exhaustive search for a new digital partner.

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  • Clinical Trials: Downstream Lead Management

    A top 10 pharmaceutical company partnered with MDC to launch a digital patient recruitment program for their diabetes trial. After 3 mos, both parties noted several areas to be addressed that would improve the conversions of leads. This study outlines the initiatives implemented to improve downstream conversion rates.