These tools offer little control on utilization and no visibility to whether they drive patients. If you are looking to do something far more innovative, you’ve found the right partner. Nearly 10 years ago, MD Connect pioneered a unique, digital co-marketing program that has since been executed with hundreds of leading medical device companies and clients, with proven ROI both for the client and for the device company. It is more than just a marketing program…it is a sales program.

Digital co-marketing and the power of the referral

When you can prove you’ve driven new patients to a client hospital or physician (and that the value of those patients far exceeds anything paid), you will achieve new levels of customer loyalty; you are suddenly a source of profit versus expense. That is, in a nutshell, what we do. Our turn-key digital marketing programs provide a number of unique advantages:

  • Comprehensive digital programs –packages w/search, display, content, websites, tracking and more.
  • Rapid time to market:  typically live in less than one month
  • Sophisticated tracking: all patient contacts tracked (phone and form).  Lead scoring identifies actual patients & appointments.
  • Proven performance & ROI: Usually 20+ referrals per costs per referral lower than traditional media.
  • Economical price points: less than typical print, TV & radio ads
  • Co-branding: Weave in your key marketing messaging and assets (e.g. videos, animations)
  • Client management:  from program sale to launch to review and renewal (basically until they are happy).
  • Regulatory compliance: strong HIPAA controls



Performance tracking made easy

Our proprietary Performance Portal™ Lead Tracking System allows easy client (and device sponsor) access to lead activity and financial results.  Clients can listen to phone calls, see actual patient names & appointments, export data, benchmark phone reception, and easily assess the ROI from our (and other, non-MD Connect) marketing programs.performance-portal-real-time-tracking

We’ll help you sell through

Your sales reps are not digital marketing experts; you need them to focus on selling your products, not ours. With customized collateral, sales portals, and a strong web-presentation capability (we have an in-house studio), we have significant experience working hand-in-hand with medical device sales representatives to make the process easy.

A broad array of other programs

Although we have had great success with our co-marketing programs, we offer a host of other physician and hospital digital marketing programs including Search Engine Optimization (SEO), websites, local directory listings, video, review/reputation management and more.