Direct-To-Patient Digital Advertising Solutions For Medical Device Companies

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  • DTC Advertising (Client)

    Unique, turn-key and scalable digital marketing programs that simultaneously promote your clients and your technology; resulting in actual (verifiable) patients.

  • DTC Advertising (Corporate)

    Cost-effectively drive qualified patients to your patient portals, physician locators, or clinical trials.

  • Lead Tracking & Intelligence System

    Scalable, regulatory-compliant platform to allow lead, appointment & ROI tracking for your client-level marketing programs.

  • Born from the Medical Device Industry

    The pre-cursor of our device co-marketing programs came directly from within the medical device industry.  Our founder & CEO, Dan Stempel, spent over fifteen (15) years in the medical device industry in various marketing & management roles and was highly involved in client ‘practice enhancement’ programs.  At his most recent device company (a laser technology for venous disease treatment), unable to find a digital agency that truly understood medical and could provide physician-level services focused on real results (referrals & appointments), he developed the capability internally; within one year there were over 40 highly-satisfied clients engaged in (and paying for) the program (and the disposable & capital pull-through revenue was enormous).   He founded MD Connect, in part, to evolve this capability and bring it to many other device companies (which we have).   Because of this background, few firms have our ability to effectively work with (and understand the needs of) medical device sales and marketing organizations.

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    Research Study

    Direct-to-Patient Digital Strategies: Centralized vs Localized

    Medical device marketers pursuing digital direct-to-patient (DTP) advertising must determine both where to send the digital traffic they generate, as well as their desired program outcome (e.g. targeted patient lead generation or general brand awareness).

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