Google is always updating their search algorithm as they continue to focus on improving the user experience with search engine results. Local search continues to be a major emphasis of these improvements (along with mobile). With the heavier emphasis in organic rankings on local search results, local directories are becoming increasingly important to your health system’s digital strategy.local-search-listings

Be Visible Where Your Patients Search

Extensive studies have shown that more patients are online searching for health information than ever. With so many channels available for these patients to consume content, how can your health system identify which ones are being used by your patients in your market? You can’t! How do you know if the information on these directories is accurate and, if it’s not, how do you get it changed?

Easily Manage Updates Across Your Health System

Healthcare administrators have enough to deal with when it comes to the constant fluctuations within your healthcare organization:  staffing changes, service line adjustments, location openings/closings, hours of operation and more. Updating this information digitally can create even more headaches. With over 700 directories online, it is nearly impossible to determine which information about your system is accurate and what information is dated.

Let Us Worry About it so You Don’t!

MD Connect’s Local Directory Listing service can remove this stress by managing all 700+ directories for you. We make sure all the information is accurate for each physician and location so that no matter what platform your patients are using to find your information, you know it is accurate. And we don’t just mask the data until you cancel; we permanently fix any errors on these directories so you’ll have the peace of mind in knowing your digital presence is in good hands.