A medical device marketing strategy tailored to your clients

MD Connect’s roots lie in medical device marketing. Our founder & CEO, Dan Stempel, spent over 15 years in the medical device industry in various marketing & management roles. Nearly ten years ago, MD Connect pioneered a unique, digital co-marketing program that has since been executed with hundreds of leading medical device companies and clients with proven ROI for both the client and the device company.

With MD Connect by your side, you’ll break away from the tired array of practice enhancement tools, patient brochures, posters, referral letters, press kits, and template print ads. Instead, we’ll help you drive new patients to client hospitals and physicians and achieve new levels of customer loyalty. Our turn-key digital marketing programs provide several unique advantages, including:

  • Comprehensive digital programs that include search, display, content, website, tracking, and more.
  • Rapid time to market
  • Sophisticated tracking of contacts and lead scoring to identify actual patients and appointments.
  • Proven performance and ROI with costs per referral lower than traditional media
  • Economical price points that are lower than those of typical print, TV & radio ads
  • Co-branding by weaving in your key marketing messaging and assets (e.g., videos, animations)
  • Client management from program sale to launch, review, and renewal
  • Customized, compliant-smart solutions with strong HIPAA controls

Our robust performance tracking portal can also provide detailed reporting on program performance so that you can always see the value and benefits of your marketing investment. 

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Driving success doesn’t happen overnight. It comes from forging long-term relationships with healthcare clients all over the country.


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