With MD Connect's Performance Portal lead intelligence platform, you get an in-depth understanding of how your marketing and advertising programs are performing, as well as how your staff are converting those leads into appointments and revenue.



Objectively Tracking Your Healthcare Marketing Campaigns for Real Results

The platform starts by integrating directly with objective lead tracking modalities (tracking phone numbers and form submissions) that avoid inaccuracies present with traditional "How did you hear about us?" lead attribution. Go beyond the lead with phone auditing and lead scoring that identifies actual booked appointments. Your financial data is integrated with the platform to provide a complete view of how your campaigns are performing and your true return on investment.


Track & Compare Your Healthcare Advertisings Programs in One Place

Segment your campaigns by location, service lines, and/or media channels (Radio, Print, TV, Direct Mail, Digital). View performance at an aggregate (all radio) or campaign level and easily compare individual campaigns, allowing for significant media investment optimization and savings. 


Benchmark Your Phone Reception Staff 

Recorded inbound calls, phone audit reports (with lead scoring) and more provide the tools necessary to help understand which leads are converting (to appointments) and why others are not. We can help you benchmark your results versus other comparable marketing programs and identify areas for improvement.


Know your patient data is safe and secure

MD Connect has invested heavily in HIPAA compliance programs to insure the privacy and security of your patient data. Few other firms have this infrastructure, which is required in order to see performance "beyond the lead".