The TLM program is a turn-key program that combines best-in-class online media selections, conversion-optimized microsites, and full referral tracking, and is an ideal starting point for physicians and hospitals unsure where to start out in online marketing.

Proven Internet Marketing Solutions

The internet offers hundred of advertising options. Most don't work or are extremely over-hyped. Through years of experience, we've identified those media that typically produce real results.

Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

Broad-based pay-per-click (PPC) programs on all the major search engines leveraging hundreds of keywords and ads.

Display Advertising

Drive more traffic with ads placed on websites relevant to your patient's digital experiences. 

Social Advertising

Advertising campaigns on social media channels proven to drive patient interest.


Turn-Key Program

We do most of the work. You reap all of the results. We get your program up quickly leaving you to focus on what you care about… the patient(s).

Measured Results

The TLM program provides the tools to allow clear and easy measurement of program return on investment (ROI):

Call Tracking

Specific tracking phone numbers provide detailed data on every caller and direct access to listen to and audit incoming phone referrals.

Web-Form Submissions

Each consultation/information request contains (at a minimum) name, e-mail and phone number to allow continued follow-up and tracking.

ROI Reporting/Analysis

Gain insight into your marketing program's monthly performance with our ROI funnel and calculator.



Micro Website or Landing Page

MD Connect offers TLM customers an optional micro-site or landing page for optimized tracking efficiency. The microsite is provided at no additional cost.