{Infographic}: 8 Steps for Converting Phone Calls into Consults at Your Medical Practice

We've utilized phone tracking for all our digital marketing programs since our companies inception 8 years ago; and in that time we've listened to thousands of potential patient's phone calls into medical practices. We can identify, rather quickly, whether or not a medical practice (or client) is going to excel at converting phone calls into consults, or whether they may struggle. In our time, we've heard some good stories: like the time when the front desk staff told a potential patient to call back for an appoinment because she was on her way to lunch (the patient never called back, would you?).

In many situations, drastic change is not required, but some minor tweaks and attention can have a dramatic impact on the number of scheduled appointments. Below, you'll find eight areas to focus on when trying to improve your calls to consults conversion rate. Print out the inforgraph and post it at the front desk as a reminder to your staff. 


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