How to Optimize Your Healthcare Marketing: Common Conversion Rate Improvement Tactics


It doesn't matter how many prospects you address. Your online marketing success is defined by how many of those leads convert. There are many accepted tactics for improving your healthcare marketing campaign's conversion rates. Here's how to make sure that you are using them to their optimum effect:

Conversion rate improvement tactic: Adding a Call-to-Action
Optimize this by: Asking for a single, clear action in every CTA.

Every digital marketing piece that you offer should have some form of a call to action. What do you want the prospect to do? Do you want them to sign up for your newsletter? Call for a free consultation? Enroll in a study?

Whatever your objective is, ask for it in a short, clear, compelling CTA. Do not try to accomplish more than one objective. This only muddies your intent and confuses prospects.

It should be easy for the prospect to complete the action. Use online sign-up forms or provide a phone number with a click-to-call button included.

Conversion rate improvement tactic: Changing the headline.
Optimize this by: Doing A/B comparisons.

You may have read that a specific type of headline is more effective. But, it is not wise to take any isolated marketing tricks on faith.

It's important to ask questions when you see marketing tidbits. How did the writer arrive at their conclusion, particularly if there are claims like "this improves conversions by 30%!" Are your prospects similar to the test case? Were they working with an untested or a highly qualified list?

Modern digital marketing gives us more tools than ever to see what resonates with our specific list of prospective and current clients. If you want to test a variable, you can get a better idea of results by doing a split or A/B  test. Only test one variable at a time; otherwise, you will not know which change was the one that affects your conversion rate.

Conversion rate improvement tactic: Improve your ROI on PPC advertising.
Optimize this by: Regularly managing your PPC campaigns to filter out ineffective keywords and tactics.

It can feel like managing a pay-per-click campaign can turn into a full-time job. But, neglecting your campaigns can lead to spending thousands more than you need to every year.

Regularly examine your campaigns to do a bit of management and remove the dead weight. Add negative keywords so that you aren't getting clicks that don't convert. For instance, if "free consultation" seems to lead nowhere, pull it so that people searching that term don't see your ad. If some zip codes seem to never convert, make your ad invisible to those visitors.

Digital marketing can sometimes seem overwhelming. But, every step you take that effectively improves your conversions can significantly increase your return on your digital marketing investment. By working regularly to increase conversions and focusing on the efforts that work the best, you can make more on every marketing dollar spent and see your practice thrive.

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