5 Health Networks with Great Video Content


Video content has established itself as a vital tool for healthcare providers looking to reach patients; here are five healthcare systems that have made the most of the medium.

Video is quickly becoming one of the most popular ways to consume content online. According to ZenithOptimedia, by the end of 2016, the total amount of time we spend watching online videos will have increased almost 20% year over year, with video consumption on mobile devices growing an incredible 34.8%.

Moreover, ReelSEO reports that the number of video plays on smartphones and tablets has increased an astounding 2,084% since 2011. Incredibly, we spend more time watching videos than we spend on any other online platform, including Facebook, reports Contently.

While video content certainly packs entertainment value, it also offers a valuable platform for education and promotion among medical professionals. According to Susan Weinschenk, Ph.D, videos convey three essential elements that strict text does not: movement, voice, and emotion. Movement grabs viewers’ attention, while the human voice conveys rich information, appealing to both auditory and visual learners.

Meanwhile, emotions are contagious — so capturing a candid moment on camera could turn your promotional video into a viral sensation, thereby bolstering your brand and helping you get new patients through the door of your practice.

In other words, videos bring a human element to the table, and can be an incredibly powerful tool for healthcare professionals hoping to garner patient trust. With just a 60-second video, a patient can virtually meet a physician, and gain a sense of their background, their personality, and even their philosophy of care. Here are five healthcare systems that have mastered the art of video to promote their physicians.

1. Signature Medical Group

Signature Medical Group offers an arsenal of enlightening introductory videos for their physicians, giving a human face to their talented staff.

An OB/GYN at Signature Healthcare, Dr. Priyanka Venkataraman’s video provides a glimpse into her unusual path to medicine, and illuminates her authentic passion for the field of Obstetrics and Gynecology.

This short video of Dr. Richard Mulroy Jr., the chief of orthopedic surgery at Signature Healthcare begins with an attention-grabbing anecdote about his first foray into the field of medicine, and powerfully conveys Dr. Mulroy’s genuine dedication to his work.

Cardiologist Dr. Syed Tahir begins his introductory video on a personal note, describing how his own father’s struggle with heart disease encouraged him to enter the field. He also includes educational videos in which he discusses the challenges of technical procedures; potential patients and fellow doctors can watch him in action as he places a stent, for example.


2. Swedish Medical Center

This video of Dr. Bruce Erhart of Swedish Medical Center in Seattle is especially effective, as it dynamically integrates an introduction of the OB/GYN with clips of his interactions with real patients. This candid approach works to dismantle the “separation of class between physicians and patients...we’re all humans and we’re all here to get through this together,” in Dr. Erhart’s words.


3. Centura Health

Dr. Pennie Schultz of Centura Health is featured in an enlightening “Ask the Pediatrician” video series that answers questions commonly posed by parents about the health of their children. Whether she is responding to questions relating to sports, emergency medical care, or sun protection, these videos establish Dr. Schultz as a trusted authority in her field.


4. Oregon Health and Science University

This compelling video of Dr. Sancy Leachman, a physician and melanoma researcher at the Oregon Health and Science University, paints a dynamic picture of her personality — depicting her as an integral team player — and her work, highlighting her focus on preventative care and her role as an innovator in the field of melanoma research.


5. ProMedica

For hospitals and medical groups searching for an exemplary model of best video practices, look no further than ProMedica. In addition to fantastic introductory videos like Dr. David Witt’s, below, this health system’s YouTube Channel is chock full of informative and engaging content that truly demonstrates the power of video.

Dr. David Witt, a podiatrist at ProMedica, emphasizes the individualized attention that his patients receive, while offering actionable tips to viewers in his introductory video. Namely, he advises them to take control of their own healthcare journey, thereby subtly encouraging potential patients to consider his services.

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