How Healthcare Providers Can Get Started with Video Ads

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Compelling video ads can help healthcare providers connect with new audiences and boost their digital presence. Here’s how to make video work for your organization.

In recent years, video has come to play an increasingly important role in any successful marketing strategy. According to a recent survey, 87% of businesses use video as a marketing tool, and 83% say video provides a valuable ROI. Yet jumping into video advertising can be intimidating for many healthcare providers.

Fortunately, you don’t need fancy equipment or a big budget to make a compelling video ad; some free or inexpensive software and dose of creativity will do the trick. Here’s how healthcare providers can reach new patients by creating their first marketing video.

Find a Story to Tell

The first step to crafting an effective video ad has nothing to do with technology. Before you begin filming, you’ll need to come up with a meaningful story to engage your audience. Authenticity is key, and there are a number of directions you can take. A satisfied patient could describe his experience. A medical provider could introduce her philosophy of care. You could demystify the latest research findings or give tips for recovering from a procedure. Hearing from actual providers and patients — instead of actors — will build a sense of community.

Humor can also be a useful tool, even for serious topics. One medical center, for example, created a funny music video highlighting their safety culture that racked up over 100,000 views. A sense of fun can foster trust and connection with potential patients.

Remember to keep your script short and to the point. Patients are busy and may click away from lengthy videos, so clear, concise content is likely to have the greatest impact.

Get the Right Tools

Equipping a video production setup is probably easier than you think. You don’t even need a specialized video camera — today’s premium smartphones are able to record crisp HD video. Plus, the latest video editing software is inexpensive and simpler to use than ever. Programs like Adobe Premiere Elements, Cyberlink PowerDirector, and Corel VideoStudio are available for less than $100, and Apple’s iMovie comes free with every Mac.

For a professional-grade video, don’t overlook sound and music. It’s wise to invest in a premium microphone and record voice-overs in a soundproofed room. As for music, you can use royalty-free libraries to find scene-setting audio without worrying about copyright infringement.

Choose a Video Platform

To get your video in front of viewers, it’s crucial to select the right platform. YouTube and Vimeo make videos publicly available so you can reach a wider audience. Remember that these platforms enable you to embed videos on your own website and blog as well.

Social media has the advantage of providing a ready viewership with an interest in your content. Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram all support video, either posted for free by your official page or through paid advertising. You can even use Facebook Live to stream videos.

Of course, you could upload the same video in multiple formats to maximize your audience, but it’s good practice to optimize videos for each platform. YouTube, for instance, typically has longer videos than Twitter. Don’t forget to write video descriptions using keywords that will draw in viewers from search engines.

Equipped with a plan and a clear objective, there’s no need for healthcare providers to be intimidated by video ads. As long as you tell an engaging story, use the right tools, and find the proper platform, you’ll have what it takes to develop a robust video marketing strategy and attract new patients.

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