A Video is Worth a Thousand Words -- Using Videos for Hospital Marketing

Even though hospitals are considered life-saving medical centers, when it comes down to it they are businesses that rely upon getting - and retaining – patients. Successfully incorporating video into your current marketing plan can help attract the attention of prospective patients and turn them into loyal, returning patients.Video Marketing, Hospital Marketing, Digital Marketing

The Success of Video Marketing

Integrating video into a marketing plan, especially one connected to a hospital, can prove to be extremely helpful. A recent survey conducted by ReelSEO suggests that 93% of all marketing professionals use some type of video in their clients' campaign. Of those individuals, 83% reported noticing a positive change in business trends once the videos were launched.

Video marketing for hospitals isn't about promoting an actual product. Instead it is focused more upon helping patients – both prospective and current – feel comfortable with the decision to use a specific hospital.

A video asset for a hospital will often include one or more of the following items:

  • Clips or photos of hospital areas, operating rooms, and patient rooms
  • Testimonials from patients
  • Interviews with doctors, specialists, hospital staff
  • Educational content about local outbreaks or concerns
  • A "good story" to be shared with the community

If you are wondering how creating a video helps enhance the client experience, the following are some examples.

Reduce Patient Anxiety

Patients never want to admit they are anxious about an upcoming hospital stay or outpatient procedure, but they are. Recently, a published article in BMC Surgery concluded that 70.3% of patients reported high levels of anxiety when faced with an upcoming operation or hospital stay.

Adding a video to a hospital's existing website or even on Youtube can help relieve patient anxiety. These videos can show patients various aspects of the hospital, such as the rooms they will be staying in or the operating rooms. It is like a quick, virtual tour of the hospital and its area.

Interviews with doctors, specialists, and hospital staff can also be added to the video. Patients can watch these videos, see the specialist or doctor that will be performing the procedure, and feel a connection with them.

Seeing these things – even on video – can help patients feel comfortable and confident in their decision to go with a specific hospital. If they are currently looking for a hospital to choose, the information provided can help aid the patient in deciding to use the hospital and its staff for a specific procedure.

Help in the Decision Making Process

Whether it is deciding upon which specialist to use or determining what route to take for treatment, a profile video can help patients with the decision making process by providing patient testimonials.

Providing patient testimonials, according to a study published by NCBI, can help influence a patients' choice when it comes to picking treatment options or choosing a hospital/specialist/doctor.

Placing patient testimonials in a video for a hospital allow prospective patients to see what other patients have experienced. They will be able to gain vital, helpful information from the point-of-view of someone who has been in their situation and had to make the decisions the prospective patient is required to make.

Videos, in this digital age for healthcare, are considered a necessary marketing asset, but they are much more than that to prospective patients. They are helpful resources that provide valuable information needed to make the important, potentially life-altering decision of which hospital to use for a specific procedure or for treatment of a chronic illness, disease, or condition.


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