How Twitter Can Bolster Your Healthcare Search Marketing Game

One of the most intriguing search marketing predictions for 2015 comes from's. Taking note of Twitter's increased efforts to improve their platform's SEO, analysts at Moz believe that Twitter posts will index better than ever in the coming year. This is great news for marketers whose strategy includes search. Not only do you get a social media boost with those people already using the platform; you get the opportunity to reach prospects who do not yet follow your practice's tweets. To fully take advantage of Twitter's new heft:Digital Marketing, Heathcare Marketing, Social Media, Search Marketing

1. Use #hashtags.

Twitter has worked to make its hashtag pages more SEO-friendly. They say that their efforts have generated a 10-fold increase in logged-out visitors to their website. What this can mean for you is that your tweets reach beyond the platform's members to people using search engines to find answers. Keep your hashtags readable and relevant to your posts for the best results.

2. Stay on top of trends.

To fully take advantage of the hashtag pages' SEO power, you need to be tweeting about topics that are hot and trending. Check several times a day to see what topics are trending internationally, nationwide and in your local area. A medical practice may see that flu shots are trending, and take part by tweeting about their no-appointment flu shot service or share a link to a blog post about flu prevention.

3. Optimize your tweets.

By incorporating a few quick tricks, you can create tweets that are more likely to get surfers to interact. Tweets with hashtags double engagement. Vines are also likely to get people to click and share. And, tweets that contain links are retweeted 86% more often than those that do not. When you include links to your other marketing content, you not only increase that content's exposure, you improve engagement on your Twitter account.

4. Make it easy for your site visitors to tweet your content.

When surfers see content marketing pieces that they find personally useful, their instinct is to share with others. Have you made this easy for them with sharing buttons on every post? You can even take it a step further by using code that allows individual sentences of your articles to be shared. Pick quotes that are pithy and will intrigue surfers to click through to see more. Not only can your readers now share with a single click; this option allows you to write their tweet for them (add your twitter account, ex: via/by @MDConnectInc).

When you use Twitter in a smart and effective way, it can bolster all of your marketing efforts, including your efforts in search. Be looking for ways to improve your Twitter engagement and to draw visitors to your site; this holistic approach can, over time, mean higher engagement and more benefit from every marketing effort.



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