Is a Slide Presentation a Worthy Medical Device Marketing Tool?

How important is it to add a slide program to your marketing toolbox? One of the reasons medical device marketing is such a challenge is because it is hard to put all the facts regarding a product into one package without putting the reader to sleep.

If keeping your marketing content engaging is a problem, then a slide presentation makes sense. Slides offer a visual package that changes every few seconds. Consider how adding a slide show to your current medical device marketing campaign might give it a boost.Medical Device Marketing, Digital Marketing, Slideshare, Hubspot

What is a Slide Presentation?

These days, most slide presentations come in the form of SlideShare. SlideShare is an online hosting service that publishes marketing slides you create using a software program like Microsoft’s PowerPoint or Apple’s Keynote.

SlideShare is the online equivalent of a projector. You upload the slides to the program, then embed the interface into a website or provide clients with a link to your presentation. The interface is easy to manage for both the marketer and the reader. SlideShare also provides a metric system that allows you to see how well your presentation is working.

SlideShare is search engine optimized, as well. You will attract new leads and improve your Internet presence at the same time. SlideShare boasts more than 15 million uploads with some impressive clients such as The White House and IBM. Small Business Trend reports SlideShare has 60 million unique visitors each month.

Tips for Producing a Winning Slide Presentation

Like any content, success is based more on the presentation than the platform. Start with finding a software package to create your slide show. PowerPoint is one of the most prevalent and readily available if you already use Microsoft Office. PowerPoint also has photo editing tools that allow you to create illustrations that pop.

Decide on the message you want to present before beginning to design the slide show. Are you introducing a new product? Showing the results of a clinical trial for a current device? Try to keep your presentation focused on one or two key points to keep the show short and informative.

Slide shows are a visual presentation. Since, medical marketing usually involves data and statistics, use the slide show to present them with graphics that highlight their importance. Rely on bright colors and design-fitting icons to make each slide memorable.

HubSpot offers a list of some powerful slide presentations with warm designs and engaging content that drives the point home.

Putting the Slide Show to Work

Once you complete a slide presentation and upload it, embed it into your blog and website product page. You can use the link as part of the medical device marketing package and include it in Q&A forums to answer questions about your product. Refurbish the slideshow into other forms of content (video, blogs, infographs, etc..), optimized for other marketing channels, like an infographic that can be shared on Twitter or Facebook. 

A slide show sounds like a lot of work, but the right software and hosting platform makes it easy to put together and budget-friendly. Create multiple slide show presentations for one product, so you have one for every marketing scenario.


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