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Offering concierge service is one way a hospital can kick it up a notch, but what does it entail? This is one of the newest perks that hospitals are using to differentiate themselves from the competition.Hospital Marketing, Concierge Services, Healthcare Services, Patient Engagement, Patient Recruitment

The concierge approach takes patient amenities to the next level, but it also gives hospitals something to brag about on social media sites and through other marketing channels. Consider how adding a concierge to staff might be a creative way to up the hospital marketing game.

What does a Hospital Concierge Do?

The concierge at a hotel is the go-to person for whatever you need. Restaurant reservations, movie tickets, transportation – all you do is pick up the phone and call the concierge desk.

A hospital concierge works on that same premise. At Winnie Palmer Hospital, the concierge can get you:

  • Better linens
  • A robe
  • Gourmet food
  • Hotel rooms for family
  • Gifts

The point is the concierge is there to provide over the top service amenities that border on luxury, plus, the more practical things that a patient cannot manage on his or her own.

  • Postage stamps
  • Photocopies of documents
  • Taxi service
  • A newspaper

Pioneers Memorial provides concierge service for outpatients. The concierge greets the patient and family, helps them through registration, provides coffee and hands out beepers in case they go to the food court or gift shop.

In some cases, the concierge works for a specific department, such as maternity. A maternity concierge might offer tips on breastfeeding, answer questions for new moms and help the family find specialty services such as a photographer or diaper delivery.

Some hospitals, like the Florida Hospital in Altamonte even offer concierge services to staff. Their employees can have the concierge handle their dry cleaning or order takeout during long shifts.

What Concierge Service does for the Hospital?

Patients are now health care consumers, meaning they no longer just drive to the nearest hospital. They shop around for doctors and medical facilities. In response, hospitals are developing a more patient and family-friendly atmosphere. That is where concierge service provides an edge.

Marketing the Concierge Service

One reason hospitals opt to provide a concierge service is to stand out. The right marketing puts this amenity in the forefront.

  • Designer brochures – Create a separate pamphlet that covers the concierge service to give to patients and family as part of a hospital tour or registration package. This way they know exactly what amenities are available.
  • List the concierge benefit in all advertising media – Media created for prospective networking partners, employment candidates or patients. Mention it in all public ads, too, printed and multimedia.
  • Promote it on social media sites – Post a blog every time a new service becomes available. Start discussions on Twitter and Facebook asking what followers would like to see the concierge offer.

A concierge service creates a patient-centric environment and is a talking point a hospital marketer should use when coming up with campaigns that show the facility benefits.


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