Marketing Your Medical Practice by Creating a Video Library

Video marketing has gained in popularity in the medical profession over the years for two reasons: it is cost-effective and it works. In 2011, a Pew Research Center survey said that 25% of all Internet users had watched an online video about health. A more recent Pew Research Center study in 2014 said that nearly three-quarters of adult Internet users had turned to the Internet for questions about their health.Physician Marketing, Medical Practice Marketing, Content Marketing

Consumers are responding well to multi-media marketing campaigns, and videos have become more common on physician websites. Building a video library on your website can be an excellent way to provide evergreen, valuable content to your patients and to increase the value of your brand. Here are five ideas for video content that will get you started:

1. Biographical

A biographical video features all aspects of the physician: His or her background, training, and personality. This is a great way to introduce the physician to new patients. A biographical video will give patients a sense of the physician’s approach to care and a feel for his or her personality. These videos should not be overly technical, but should focus more on establishing the physician as a professional the patient can trust.

2. Interviews

An interview can be a natural extension of a biographical video. Combining the two formats can be a good way for the physician to answer questions about his or her background. Interview videos can also answer frequently asked questions or explain treatments that are common to his or her practice.Many practices also feature interviews with front office staff or technicians.

3. Office Highlights

A picture is worth a thousand words. A video tour of your facility is so much more effective that trying to describe your office in words. These videos can also focus on new equipment or anything else that is unique to the practice’s location.

4. Patient Testimonials

Patient testimonials can be one of the most effective tools in your video arsenal. Patients are eager to hear about the experiences of fellow patients. While a glowing testimonial is great, ask patients to focus on how your practice was important to their positive experience. Showing potential patients why your practice is unique will build trust and also instill a sense that your practice is an integral part of receiving excellent care.

5. Pre- and Post-Op Procedures

Videos discussing pre- and post-op procedures help to put patients at ease and build realistic expectations. These videos can also help answer any questions or concerns that frequently arise with those procedures.

These video ideas will help you create content that is valuable to patients in a format that is easy to understand and is visually appealing. Creating multi-media content for a medical practice can be a challenge; however, once you get started, you will find that there is a wealth of information already at your fingertips that can benefit patients and help you successfully build your brand and web presence.


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