5 Places Medical Practices Can Get Involved with Community Outreach

Savvy medical practitioners know that healthy communities are stronger communities. Your medical practice can play a vital role in making your community a healthier place for the families and individuals that call your community home. Not only that, but it helps to make your medical practice more visible. Community outreach opportunities abound, and if your medical practice is looking for new opportunities to make a difference, locally, these are all great places to begin.Medical Practice Marketing, Community Outreach, Medical Practice Engagement

#1) Town Government Events

These events provide an excellent opportunity to educate the public about health care and social services available to them, as well as the importance of preventative health care and lifestyle changes.

Look for opportunities to have an exhibit at a community health fair and 5k runs or to participate in community health screening events. Even consider partnering with local businesses through your local Chamber of Commerce office to offer back to school vaccinations, dental checkups, or even required school physicals. As an added bonus, it will help to market your practice as a local medical expert in the community.

#2) School Events

School events also provide great opportunities to teach children about various conditions that impact their lives and how important quality care beginning at early ages happens to be. Reach out to schools in your community to see if there is a need your medical practice can fill and arrange to make that happen.

Use these events to send home informational brochures to parents as well as connect them with community resources for families about important services you may provide or participate in such a free or reduced cost vaccinations or health screenings.

#3) Fundraising Events

You may also opt to offer free services as a raffle prize for community fundraisers or sponsor events such as parades, fireworks displays, etc. It is more effective, and helps you feel more a part of the community to participate in these events, though sponsorships will certainly help to raise awareness about your practice and the medical needs you meet.

Local media events, parades, and even community fairs provide excellent opportunities to spread the word about what you do and get to know the community you serve a little better. More importantly, it provides the community with an excellent opportunity to get to know you better too.

#4) Civic Organizations

Civic Organizations are all about doing good works within the communities they serve. From local churches and religious organizations to groups such as Rotary who offers vaccinations to children around the world and Lion’s Club International who provide vision screenings and diabetes awareness in communities across the country, there are many opportunities for those with medical practices to serve the greater communities in which they live and the world at large.

#5) Parks and Recreation

Medical practices do not need to limit outreach efforts to medicine, exams, vaccinations, and checkups. Some is just about showing people fun ways to make healthier choices.

Working in conjunction with your community’s parks and recreation department you can help show kids the importance of play, help clean up a city park so it’s a safer place for kids to play, or offer goodies that are good for kids and show them that they can make healthy snacking choices that taste good too. Keep it budget friendly to accommodate lower income or struggling families and you have a real winner on your hand.

If all else fails, you can certainly create your own opportunities to share the wealth of your knowledge with the community with targeted local medical marketing. More importantly, it provides you with a real opportunity to serve the community in a meaningful way to help build the very community you envision for the future.