Understanding the Benefits of Local Directory Listing Services for Your Hospital


An overwhelming number of people start their search for a healthcare provider or hospital online. In fact, in 2013 Pew Research Center conducted a survey that discovered 72% of those polled used the Internet to search for health related information on a regular basis.

Hospital marketers can make sure their hospital system and those who practice there are available to those searching for healthcare information on the Internet with the help of local directory listing services. This valuable service will help get hospitals listed on websites like Yelp, Super Pages, and City Guide.

Many people assume when they purchase local directory listing services, they are just getting their hospital name and address listed, but it is so much more than that. Learn about some of the benefits your hospital will receive when you start using a local directory listing service.

The Ability to Be Seen on Multiple Platforms and Directories

There are over 700 different local and national directories online. Listing your hospital on all the major directories helps to make sure your hospital has a major online presence that will be noticed by potential patients. The bigger your online presence, the better chances you have of increasing your hospital's revenue by bringing more patients into the hospital system.

When you use local directory listing services, your hospital will be listed on multiple directories, including all major local and national directories. These services will help make sure that your hospital is able to be accessed by individuals regardless of the search engine or directory they are using.

The Ability to Update Multiple Directories Easily

One of the biggest problems with directory entries are they need to be updated from time to time. Unfortunately, this can be a huge problem for any administrator who is in charge of handling updates as they have to update each and every one individually. Local directory listing services can easily update multiple directory entries in just a matter of minutes.

These services can quickly and easily update things on directories such as:

  • Phone numbers
  • Hours of operation
  • Services offered
  • Insurance accepted
  • Website addresses

Updating information across a number of directories guarantees that prospective patients always have the most accurate and up-to-date information. This gives the hospital a better, more professional appearance, while reducing potential patients' stress and aggravation levels by providing them with accurate information they need to make an informed healthcare decision.

Search Engine Ranking Benefits

Search engines, especially Google, will favor websites and businesses if they are listed and verified with numerous local directories. The same concept can be applied to hospitals.

When a user goes to search for a local hospital or medical professional, a search engine – like Google – will give them the option to conduct a local search. Hospitals want to rank higher in those local searches, as they will be the first thing an Internet user sees. Using the local directory listing services will make sure hospitals are listed in the directories and can help improve their ranking.

These benefits that come when using a local directory listing service will help hospitals increase revenue by attracting the attention of prospective patients who are looking for information/healthcare services. Administrators are also able to make universal changes to their directory information, which saves them a lot of time and headaches. 

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