Destination of Paid Media Traffic Impacts Lead Conversionsmedical-device-destination.png

Medical device marketers pursuing digital direct-to-patient (DTP) or patient advertising must determine both where to send the digital traffic they generate, as well as their desired program outcome (e.g. targeted patient lead generation or general brand awareness). In this newly released study, MD Connect analyzed and provided:

  • 15-month Evaluation Period
  • 9800+ leads tracked
  • 3800+ appointments
  • Cost-Per-Lead Comparison
  • Cost-Per-Appointment Comparison

If you are considering your next DTP digital strategy for your medical device, check out this new research study first.  

In a few short months, we were not only able to take procedures to a completely different level, but also able to see an ROI that has only grown over time.
Medical Device Marketing, DTP Marketing
Tony Tremaglio, Vice President of Global Marketing
GI Dynamics, Inc.