Scalable Digital Patient Recruiment

MD Connect is a true digital and medical agency. With over 90% of clinical trials struggling to enroll patients on time, sponsors need to try new, cost-effective approaches that proactively augment their investigator sites’ recruitment efforts. Digital technology can lead the way in this effort.

Advantages of Working With MD Connect

  • Over 1,000,000 clinical/medical, digital leads generated
  • Experience in more than 20 therapeutic areas
  • End-to- end digital solutions (from digital outreach to patient qualification to media tracking)
  • Provide localized campaigns at national scale (often hundreds of campaigns)
  • Ability to target the ‘Active’ patient
  • Lower costs per lead* than
    • Traditional media (TV, print, radio)
    • Other online agencies (by 29-70%)
  • Further lead cost reductions* (19-41%) from program start (within months) through campaign

MD Connect is equally comfortable working directly with sponsors or coordinating our efforts through CRO's or patient recruitment companies

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