Too often, clinical trials spend countless advertising dollars without having a clear understanding of exactly what results those expenditures are producing.  Most “clinical systems of record” are designed for clinical research needs, but are not able to provide useful marketing analytics.  MD Connect offers an objective tracking solution that can integrate with your clinical system and provide clear, actionable data on media performance and efficacy.

performance-portal-real-time-trackingExample Output: Not Actual Study Data

Clicks, visitors, likes, impressions and similar metrics are of limited usefulness without a clear understanding of when qualified patients actually contact you (and if they ultimately end up as an enrolled clinical trial patient).

Objective media tracking is now a reality for your clinical trial

Our proprietary Performance Portal platform integrates directly with objective lead tracking modalities (tracking phone numbers and coded online form submissions) that avoid the inaccuracies present with traditional “How did you hear about us?” lead sourcing. When done correctly, you can track your leads back to the media source, location and even keywords that produced them. We then integrate financial data (specific advertising expenditures) to provide a complete overview of media efficacy.

Integration with existing clinical systems – no redundant data entry needed

Our development engineers can work with your clinical trial management system (CTMS) personnel to provide automatic upload of patient lead status; tracking leads that progress on to consented and enrolled patients, for a complete downstream picture.

Return on Investment (ROI)… by media… by investigator site


When complete, you will be able to view your leads and marketing investments by media, by investigator site, or both. We boil it all down to clear efficacy metrics;

  • Cost per Inquiry (CPI)
  • Cost per Referral (CPR) or even
  • Cost per Enrolled Patient (CPE)

With this data in hand, you can look like a hero to your CFO as you steer media dollars to more efficient media, locations or simply those that need more leads.  Savings of 20-40% are not unreasonable with proper tracking and optimization.