The healthcare landscape has changed over the last five years and patients are now more in control of their healthcare options than ever. That includes seeking their own solutions for their own conditions.

80% of internet users are actively seeking healthcare information online. Even the elderly are using the internet, with 71% of U.S. adults ages 50-64 now active online, and 58% of those over 65 seeking medical information online.

By catching patients online as they look for information (and often a potential solution), you can attract highly engaged users who are willing to take action, including joining your clinical trial.


Successful digital patient recruitment programs are highly targeted to condition, by geography, and by demographics. They also leverage multiple digital media outlets to drive significant awareness and action. We employ a multi-channel approach:

  • Search Ads - Google, Yahoo, Bing, MSN
  • Social Ads - Facebook, Twitter
  • Display Ads - Hundreds of medically focused websites
  • Proprietary Patient Database Network™

But our work isn't done after generating a lead. We utilize countless resources (both technology and the human element) to ensure that the lead is highly qualified before passing it on to your investigator sites.