Digital Patient Recruitment

A turn-key, affordable and proven solution to finding the right, active patients; leveraging MD Connect's broad experience base in clinically focused, digital patient lead generation.


Local Digital Promotion for your SiteCT_Investigator-Site-3.png

Target condition-specific patients in your local area who are actively seeking a solution with best-of-breed digital media: 

  • Search Ads - Google, Yahoo, Bing, MSN
  • Social Ads - Facebook, Twitter
  • Display Ads - Hundreds of medically focused websites
  • Community Ads - Condition specific engagement


Full suite of website solutionsCT_Investigator-Site-_5.png

All necessary assets for online recruitment success are included:

  • Trial specific website or landing page
  • Customized online screener
  • Trial specific Facebook landing page
  • Full collection of digital ad creative



Program lead tracking by mediaCT_Investigator-Site_4.png

Track all patient contact specific to the program:

  • Online (web form) and offline (phone) leads
  • Easy update to (screened) referrals and enrolled patients
  • Simple return on investment (ROI) reporting
  • Demonstrate success to sponsors for additional reimbursement


Fast & Easy Execution

  • Sponsor reimbursement support - summary proposal for rapid approval
  • Speed to market - marketing assets (ads, websites, campaign builds) ready in less than a month
  • IRB approval support - packets prepared with all ads, website screenshots for easy submission
  • Package priced - 3 months of digital promotion starting under $10,000