Accelerating Clinical Trial Patient Recruitment through Targeted Digital Strategies

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  • E-Recruitment

    The most effective digital advertising strategies to attract your targeted patient including search engine marketing (SEM), social advertising, display advertising and more.

  • Patient Engagement & Qualification

    High impact websites and landing pages (with optional online screeners) that convert qualified and interested patients for your clinical trial.

  • Media Tracking & Intelligence System

    Use our proprietary Performance Portal™ system to objectively track which media and investigator sites are generating inquiries, screened patients, and enrolled patients.

  • Sponsor Solutions

    As one of the largest medical digital advertisers in the nation, MD Connect leverages empirical, results-based, and scalable approaches to maximize clinical trial patient recruitment.

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  • Site Solutions

    A focused and intensive local digital patient recruitment program specially designed to meet the unique needs of individual investigator sites.

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    5 Advantages of Digital Advertising (e-Recruitment) for Clinical Trials

    Disover how digital advertising has surpassed traditional media channels when it comes to driving qualified patients into clinical trials and how e-recruitment presents an untapped opportunity to accelerate patient enrollment. 

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