Not All Digital Strategies Target "Active" Patients for Clinical Trial Enrollment 

This white paper explores the concept of a patient’s ‘activity’ level as it relates to the quality and efficiency of different digital channels, where initial audience volume is not always the best predictor of enrollment success. In this study, we discuss:

  • Active vs Passive Audiences 
  • 'Pull' vs 'Push' Media (and their respective relationships to active patients)
  • Media types from the 'active' perspective
  • Ad types and media segments that target patient action
  • Using digital intelligence to optimize enrollment efficiency

As you outline a digital recruitment strategy for your clinical trial, download this research to determine which digital channel may work best to accelerate enrollment.

We’ve worked with MD Connect on multiple clinical trial programs and consistently see their ability to manage online spend efficiently...
Gretchen Richards, Vice President, Clinical & Regulatory Affairs
Sebacia, Inc.