MD Connect Eclipses 250,000 Online Marketing Referrals Generated

With extremely targeted medical online marketing programs and comprehensive performance tracking, agency reaches key client milestone.

Wellesley, MA – MD Connect, Inc. is excited to announce a noteworthy milestone in their work on behalf of hospitals, physician practices and medical businesses globally by generating their 250,000th patient lead (or ‘referral’).   Referrals were driven via MD Connect’s targeted online marketing programs (which span search, display, social, mobile, video, reputation management and more).Medical Marketing, Healthcare Marketing

MD Connect is a boutique, medically-focused online marketing agency with over 8 years’ experience servicing hundreds of client in over 25 different medical specialties, including many leading hospitals, medical technology companies, healthcare providers and physician practices. 

MD Connect programs typically measure client results through sophisticated (and verifiable) online and offline (phone) tracking technologies, with visibility often extending through to appointment data.   Clients can then get a solid view of the return on investment their programs are producing, with many clients receiving 20-40 referrals per month (although some are receiving greater than 300 a month).  Case studies show clients receiving a positive ROI with costs per referral lower (by 29-70%) than previous agencies.

“While we are proud of this milestone” indicated Dan Stempel, founder and president, “our focus has always been on producing measurable results for our clients that lead to appointments, procedures and ultimately more revenue.   We leverage our database of referrals to make our core programs even more efficient and provide additional, value-added services.  At the end of the day, we are only successful if our clients are successful.”

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